About Veterinary Hope Foundation

Welcome to Veterinary Hope Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering the mental health and well-being of veterinary professionals. Our mission is to create safe spaces for learning, healing, and growth within the veterinary community, with a profound focus on instilling hope.

At Veterinary Hope Foundation, we envision a world where every veterinary professional is part of a community of mutual support and growth.

Our Vision


At Veterinary Hope Foundation, we envision a world where every veterinary professional is part of a community, grounded in hope and joy, that functions within an environment of mutual support and growth.


We aspire to build a community where individuals find the support, resources, and connection they need to thrive both personally and professionally, all while nurturing hope for the veterinary profession.


Meet the Veterinary Hope Foundation Leadership Team

Our Mission

The core mission of the Veterinary Hope Foundation is threefold:

Safe Spaces

We are committed to establishing safe and nurturing environments where veterinary professionals can learn, heal, and grow. In doing so, we aim to kindle the spark of hope in their journey to well-being. We tackle the hard topics with compassion, collaboration and humor.


We understand that mental health is a complex and multifaceted issue. Therefore, we collaborate with mental health professionals and educators to provide our community with the best resources, guidance, and tools to address the needs of the veterinary community, always fostering hope as a guiding light.


The stigma surrounding mental health and well- being in the veterinary community is a significant barrier to seeking help. We work tirelessly to raise awareness about these issues, aiming to create a culture of understanding and support among all those we serve; we aim to be a beacon of hope within veterinary medicine.

Our Commitment


Veterinary Hope Foundation is a group of veterinarians and mental health professionals committed to highlighting and holding space for hope within the veterinary community. Hard is out there. We see it daily in harsh words and criticism and trauma. We see it in overwhelmed colleagues and in hurting clients. We see hard in tears in the break room and accusations that we’re just here for the money and “if we really cared about the animals we would…” We see it in friends and coworkers who hurt so badly that taking their own lives seems like a better option than continuing like this.


And hope is out there. It shows up daily in connection and curiosity and joy. Hope lives in supportive colleagues and caring clients. It lives in laughter in the break room and letters of gratitude for the many years of care we provided for a family’s animals. Hope lives in friends and coworkers who reach out to those who are hurting with compassion and empathy. It lives here.

Hope is out there.

How We Accomplish Our Mission


Our foundation utilizes various strategies and initiatives to fulfill our mission, with hope as a central theme


Support Groups

We facilitate peer support groups where veterinary professionals can connect, share their experiences, and offer each other encouragement and understanding, nurturing a sense of hope within the community.


Educational Resources

We provide a wealth of resources, including webinars, workshops, and educational materials on topics related to mental health and self-care, inspiring hope in every step of the journey.


Public Awareness

We conduct outreach and awareness campaigns to help break the stigma surrounding mental health issues within the veterinary community, shedding light on the path to hope.

Our Sponsors

We’re so grateful for the ongoing support of our sponsors as their donations allow us to do amazing and impactful work

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How You Can Get Involved


We invite you to join us in our mission to support the mental health of veterinary professionals and to be a beacon of hope. Here’s how you can get involved:

Your financial contributions help us continue our work and reach more veterinary professionals in need, offering them hope for a brighter future.


If you’re passionate about our mission, consider volunteering your time, skills, or expertise to help us make a difference, igniting hope in the hearts of those we serve.


Share our message and mission with your network to help destigmatize mental health issues in the veterinary profession and spread the message of hope.


If you’re a veterinary professional, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for assistance and guidance, finding hope along the way.

Get Support

At Veterinary Hope Foundation we acknowledge the hard in veterinary medicine. There is work to be done. And we look for and embrace hope. Hope is what makes the work worth doing. We invite you to join us. Bring your hard-we see the hard and we see you. And share our hope. For hope lives here within us.


Our profession can be very isolating and having the VHF support group reminds us that we are not alone.

I feel much less alone as a solo practitioner after making these connections.

VHF provides an invaluable connection that is not available with other mental health support groups.

Every veterinary professional needs this opportunity to get life-saving support.

My goal was just to find myself in a better headspace at the end, and that did happen!

These small groups can lead to an overall better quality of life for veterinarians and support staff.

Join us in our journey to foster hope, healing, and growth within the veterinary community.


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