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Lasting hope
starts here.

With a mission of supporting mental health, the Veterinary Hope Foundation offers small group sessions for veterinary professionals. These groups provide resources, information and community to better handle the unique stressors of the profession.

During the six-week program, support groups of eight people meet online each week.

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Confidential, safe and caring.

Our attendees will find the space and opportunity to establish ongoing conversations about experiences, issues and ideas that emerge from their work as veterinary practitioners.

What to expect:

Guided discussions with rotating themes and topics that are carefully chosen to reflect the needs of practitioners.

A place to share thoughts and perspectives and hear the thoughts and
perspectives of others.

A close community of acceptance, respect and support of one another’s individuality and concerns.

How groups
are formed:

Groups are matched based on affinity and primary type of practice (Equine, Small Animal, Large Animal, Mixed, Industry/Other, etc.). Also considered is the attendee’s role in that practice (owner vs. associate, ambulatory vs. brick and mortar). Additionally, other demographics, such as year of graduation and time zone, are accounted to foster connections.

A unique set of challenges calls for dedicated care.

Our sessions are facilitated by a licensed mental health professional with specialized training in challenges faced by veterinary professionals.

The weekly sessions run 60-75 minutes
and focus on the following topics:

A community of support is waiting.